Trading Terms and Conditions of use

  1. Payment should be Invoice-to-Invoice. No part-payments of individual invoices are allowed.
  2. Post-dated cheques (if agreed) are only to be collected at the time of Order or Delivery.
  3. Cash payments must be made directly into our Bank A/c or our Head Office.
  4. Mode of Payment should be consistent (one mode only). Method of payment can only be changed with prior permission from the Company.
  5. Cheques must be made payable to “TRANSLINK (U) LTD”
  6. Title of goods will stay with TRANSLINK (U) LTD until full payments are received and cleared.
  7. Un-cleared cheques will be deemed to be outstanding. Any additional purchases must be with cash deposited at our office, through our MTN or Airtel Mobile Money Accounts or our Translink DTB bank account.
  8. Any cheque returned unpaid will attract a UGX 100,000 Administrative Charge. The Unpaid Cheque and Administrative Charge are to be cleared on demand. Additional costs of recovery plus a monthly 5% interest from date of issue will be required to be paid by the issuer of the cheque.
  9. All overdue amounts will become subject to monthly interest of 5% from the due date plus any collection/legal charges that may be incurred.
  10. Cheques belonging to the registered company may only be accepted if a prior arrangement has been made with us. In such a case the Cheque will be required to be cleared before issue of goods.
  11. Any variation to the above terms and conditions will have to be approved and agreed upon by both parties.
  12. Bank Statements of the applicant’s Trading A/C may be required in some cases.
  13. Completion of the application form does not guarantee a Credit or Cheque payment facility.

I hereby accept and fully understand the Terms and Conditions of Translink (U) Ltd. I am fully aware of my responsibility with reference to issuing cheques. I agree to stand as a personal guarantor should my business fail to clear all debts owed to Translink (U) Ltd.